Antar Bharati Balgram, established in 1976.

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Children are the assets of our nation and they are future of our country. Yet many children are deprived not only of a future but also of a present. They are denied their childhood, their right to grow and the realization of their dreams. These children deserve a better today not only to secure our future but also to brighter theirs.

Keeping this view in mind and believing in education as the best way to rehabilitate a child, India Sponsorship Committee founded Antar Bharati Balgram in 1976.The main objective is to provide education to destitute, abandoned and orphaned children with good residential care through a family like environment and intellectual development and ensure a well rehabilitated citizen of the future.

Antar Bharti Balgram is located on INS Shivaji Road in Lonavla near Bhushi Dam. Lonavla is a famous hill station in Maharashtra, situated in the between the capital of Maharashtra Mumbai, and the cultural capital, Pune. Balgram is 7 kilometers away from Lonavla Railway station and Bus stand.

Antar Bharti Balgram is sprawled over 20 acres of land on a hill near Bhushi Dam. It is surrounded by hills and hundreds of trees which have created a very pleasant and healthy atmosphere for the children in our care. Antar Bharti Balgram is a full-fledged children’s village with nine family homes (Bal sadans) for children, a huge playground and community Hall. Every family home is provided with a small piece of land to grow their kitchen garden. We have a health care centre on the premises and residential quarters for the essential coworkers living there. The children live in an environment of a foster family and contribute to the upkeep of the house in an atmosphere of love and laughter.

At present we have over 100 children living in the nine homes under the loving care of their house mothers. There are 46 boys and 58 girls (the numbers vary each year). Every year we receive new children in our care from the Child Welfare Department, Pune.

The 9 sadans are:

  • Aditi
  • Bhakti
  • Gomati
  • Jyoti
  • Kirti
  • Mamta
  • Maya
  • Nandita
  • Sharbati

Basic Education costs:

salaries of staff; stationery for children; equipment for academics and extra-curricular activities, computers, sports equipment, library, resource material, outstation field trips etc. We also conduct hobby sessions like Music, Drawing, Dance and Taekwondo etc. for our children. We celebrate all the festivals like Mahashivratri , Makar Sankrant , Holi, Ganesh Festival , Dushera, Diwali , Xmas. We also celebrated National festivals like Gandhi Jayanti , Republic Day, Mother’s Day and Independence Day .

Further studies & vocational rehabilitation of senior students is a heavy burden on our finances as the children too have current day aspirations. As per the Juvenile Justice Act, the children aged 5-18 years may stay at our facility. However, after the age of 18 years, many are yet to complete their education. Thus their further education and rehabilitation is completely dependent on sponsors / donors. A special fund has been created for this purpose, and all children are encouraged to study upto the level of their choice, and financial independence.

Social rehabilitation of girls by way of marriage is also part of our commitment. Over 35 girls have been settled by way of marriage till date.

Operational costs:

regular maintenance of buildings (repairs, electrical, civil, painting carpentry etc), road & fencing; sadan kitchen & household requirements; clothes for children; electrical (we would like to expand our capacity of solar electricity) and water supply.