The Industrial Training Institute

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The ITI sponsored by L&T Public Charitable Trust, is also on the same campus and helps in the rehabilitation of the older children. The trades of electrical (two year) and welding (one year) technology are offered. We are a government recognized ITI and our target is employability for the rural youth.

  • Expansion of the Industrial Training Institute is a continuous process. While presently only electrical and welding trades are covered; the students are mainly men. We therefore hope to introduce trades which are also more acceptable to women so that their employability increases and their financial independence is assured.
  • Besides rehabilitation of the children of Balgram at this center, the rural youth also get an opportunity to hone their technical skills, enabling them to secure better jobs in the neighbouring industrial townships of Pune, Talegaon, etc.

Every effort is made to keep the technical workshop upto date with the material requirements of the course. A full fledged computer laboratory is in their campus and further expansion is in the pipeline.

Introduction of latest technology in the teaching process, as well as training and workshops for teachers is a regular feature