Our SSEEPF Approach

ISC’s Theory of Change guides all our programs, ensuring holistic development for children. The theory comes to life through our model of sponsorship, creating a community that is as secure as a home, with mentors who guide spiritual and social development, and teachers to assist learning and skill development. We aim to ultimately make the children not just independent individuals but also the ones who give back to the community.


Focusing on inter and intra personal relationships and skills, not only with humans but also inculcating awareness and gratefulness towards their environment, surroundings, and nature.


Our emphasis is on cultivating a culture of inclusiveness and respect towards all faiths, beliefs, and ideologies.


We empower through education. Our Antar Bharati Balgram School at Lonavala along with learning enhancement support programs provide education in communities and migrant labor settlements of Pune.

Emotional Well-Being

With the safety and protection of the children being the top priority, we enhance the family-based support by facilitating emotional expression in a no bias, no judgement environment that is an inclusive safe space for all children.

Physical Well-Being

The health and nutritional support of the children is taken care of by various physical activities and events, and by providing them with a multitude of options to move around and play.

Family-Based Care

Our primary goal is to give the children a safe familial environment to grow and develop in. Given the backgrounds they come from, it is important for them to see and develop healthy and strong relationships with elders and peers.
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