Let’s Create a Better Tomorrow

ISC always welcomes dedicated volunteers to be a part of our changemaking journey. Right from 1967, student and professional volunteers from diverse backgrounds have played a huge role in providing education to children and nurturing their lives.

Volunteering Opportunities

Here are some ways in which you too can meaningfully engage with and contribute to our work:

Experience Support: Volunteer as a speaker at Bal Baithak, an informal evening at the Bal Gram campus where you interact with our children, tell them your life story, and help expand their imagination.

Knowledge Support: Volunteer as a teacher at the Antar Bharati Balgram School and take a class on any subject or interest area you’re passionate about. No matter what your level of expertise is, we are sure the children would be happy to learn from you.

Spiritual Support: Volunteer as a mindfulness coach and teach our children to become more aware of their environment through yoga and meditation.

Apart from these roles, we are always looking for passionate people to support us in areas like technology, social media, and space transformation to name a few. Please feel free to write to us with any ideas you might have and we’d be happy to connect with you!

Thanks ISC for giving me an opportunity to write a few success stories. The interactions with kids made me realise the real and deep impact created by ISC at such a ground level. You have not only developed successful individuals but also good human beings. This has encouraged me to contribute even more actively. Looking forward.
Mr. Ashutosh Desai

I would like to

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