Founding Team

Dr. Zulie Nakhooda

Founder & Administrator

Ms. Tara Cherian

Vice President

Mr. P. M. Shah

Founding Member

Ms. Vidya Kotak

Honorary Treasurer

Mr. S. K. Patil

Mr. F. A. Fazalbhoy

Dr. Dorothy Baker

Trustees and Governing Council

Uday Shah

A Chartered Accountant by profession, he is the current President of ISC. He guides the accounts teams on financial sustainability, forecasting, and budgeting to keep the organization ahead of the curve.


Amberin Memon

A Global HR Head, she is passionate about sustainability and ESG initiatives. She plays a mentor to our children and provides a unique CSR perspective to ISC for making us an accountable non-profit organization.

Amitabh Shah

The Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Yuva Unstoppable, he brings a passion for changemaking and an expertise in digital literacy and infrastructural transformation to promote holistic development of children at ISC.

Anita Shah

A professor and surgical pathologist, she believes the uniqueness of ISC is in the diversity of its contributors. She is a frequent visitor to Bal Gram where she guides the children and encourages them to cultivate kitchen gardens.

Ashima Bhat

The Group Head of Business Finance, Strategy, Administration, Infrastructure & CSR at HDFC Bank, she guides ISC in matters of regulations and sustainability, and connects us to experts from the CSR sector.

Hamid Moochhala

A Solicitor and Senior Partner at Wadia Ghandy and Co., he guides ISC in legal and statutory matters. He believes in supporting children as they move into the outside world. He is passionate about ISC having its own junior college.

Harsha Parekh

She has been a former President of ISC and a director for several international and national conferences. With over 70 academic publications under her belt, she constantly guides us with nuanced, strategic propositions.

Mahendra Kothari

He is a constant guiding light who helps us remember the intent of the formation of ISC. His nuanced inputs on matters of human resources and efficient operations are integral in maintaining the true purpose of the organization.

Sajeda Maskati

Our in-house expert for psychological interventions at Bal Gram, she has 30 years of experience in the field of mental health. She ensures the emotional well-being of the children with counselling and remedial measures.

Shailesh Dalmia

The Secretary of N L Dalmia Educational Society, he is experienced in creating world-class schools. As an advisor at ISC, he shares our vision of making Antar Bharati School one of the finest schools in the state.

Zenobia Chiba

One of the first members of ISC and the editor of our Bond newsletter, she shares her love for literature, music, and painting with the children. She takes a keen interest in finding new sponsors and ambassadors for our mission.


Medha Oka

Executive Director

A certified educator and counsellor, she provides strategic leadership across programs. The use of technology to design programs, deliver results, and measure social ROI has been her primary focus area.

Tejas Supekar

Director Operations

With 19 years of experience in operations in the field of education and child care programs, he has implemented strategies and programs across varied organisations. His core strength lies in creating collaborative platforms and working in participative environments.

Santosh Chavan

Head Finance, Admin & HR

He has more than 20 years of experience in finance and accounts. As he participates in all departments with unparalleled zeal, his commitment to ISC shines through, along with his creative problem solving skills.

Kranti Salve

Program Head, Bal Saksham

She has 18 years of experience in the social work sector and assists our gender programs by developing new tools and materials. She heads our professional training program for women.

Jyoti Dhiwar

Program Head, Bal Shiksha

She has been an integral part of ISC for more than 23 years and her interest lies in the holistic development of families. She is instrumental in encouraging children to learn, know their rights, and grow as empowered individuals.

Dr. Sandesh Kadam

Principal, Antar Bharati Balgram School

He is a passionate educationist who has worked for 26 years as a teacher. He brings his insightful experience as a teacher, trainer, writer, and educational consultant to ISC, constantly innovating our educational programs.

Dr. Shubhangi Bhor

Program Head, Bal Gram

A PhD holder in Social Work, she advocates academic achievement for holistic development of children. She has published books and research papers and presented at various national and international journals and conferences.