Akanksha: A Lifelong Learner

06th Jan 2022

Recovering Her Lost Strength
Akanksha came to Bal Gram in 2007 as a child with her two sisters, Ashwini and Ankita. Their mother had passed away years ago and a month after enrolling the girls at Bal Gram, their father passed away after a long struggle with tuberculosis. With no relatives willing to take care of them, the girls were taken under ISC’s wing, but their struggles continued.

An Explorer at Heart
While she was an average student, she stood out as an attentive child, always eager to learn, with a smile on her face. It was her passion for learning that led to her winning gold medals at Karate competitions, passing her SSC exams and scoring 65% in her undergraduate course. Today, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science and plans to build a career in the IT field.