From Paper Boy to Poster Boy: Rohit’s Inspiring Journey

20th Jun 2024

Rohit’s (name changed) journey from a paper boy to a confident student is a testament to the transformative power of education and community support.

Early Struggles and Hard Work

Rohit’s family migrated from Solapur District in search of work and ended up at the Punawale brick kiln. Despite both parents working, they struggled to support their family of five. At just 10 years old, Rohit was asked to help by distributing newspapers in nearby high-rises. He did not attend school and had accepted his fate. Each morning, while delivering newspapers, he watched children his age going to school, longing for education but believing it was out of reach.

Turning Point: Community Intervention

Everything changed when Aakar Balmaitrin conducted a community survey and met Rohit’s family. Learning about their financial struggles, Aakar Balmaitrin urged his parents to send him to school. Initially resistant, his parents eventually understood that education could lift their child out of poverty and enable him to support the family in the future.

A New Beginning

With newfound hope, Rohit enrolled in a nearby Zila Parishad school and began attending classes at the AAKAR centre. Now in the 9th grade, he aspires to pursue technical education after passing the 10th grade. The boy who once thought he was destined for labour is now a confident student with dreams and ambitions.

Developing Skills and Building Confidence

Last year during vacation, Rohit learned glass bottle painting and created several pieces that were showcased at the ISC KALARANG exhibition. Not only did he attend the exhibition with the AAKAR team, but he also stood proudly behind his creations, interacting with visitors. “I learned a lot. Skill is not just about doing something but also about shedding inhibitions. This has inspired me to dream big and pursue multiple things to support my family successfully one day,” says Rohit.


Rohit’s story highlights the incredible impact of community initiatives and the importance of education. From a boy who had resigned himself to a life of labour, he has blossomed into a confident young man with a bright future ahead. His journey from paper boy to poster boy is an inspiring reminder that with support and determination, any obstacle can be overcome.