Akash, for Whom the Sky is Not the Limit

18th Jan 2022

Education Isn’t a Choice
Akash came from a community that never considered education to be a priority. So early on in life, he had to make a choice – he could either support his family by taking up a job or complete school and chart a new path for himself. As he entered the ISC education program in the 2nd standard, it is only through sheer determination that he did both.

From Floor Worker to Officer
After clearing his 12th standard board exams in the commerce stream, he was forced to take up a job at DMart owing to his family’s struggling financial status. The days were challenging – long hours and sweat-patched clothes made him feel too embarrassed to even meet his friends. But the teachers at ISC continued motivating him and offered emotional support with guidance for conducting himself properly in public and communicating well. Now, after 8 years, he is an officer at DMart.

Flying Higher
He gives ISC the credit for his professional journey and today, Akash is not just a successful professional, but is also a responsible sibling, helping his younger brother start his own business and ensuring the higher education of his two sisters. He is a shining example of how just one sponsorship can completely transform a family’s life. For Akash, the transformation has just begun!