An Exhibit of Talent – Children’s Day at Bal Gram

15th Jan 2022

On November 14, 2021, the usual chirping of the children at Bal Gram was a little louder and merrier than usual, and one could feel the unmistakable cheer in the air right from the early morning.

‘It was a unique experience, of celebrating Children’s Day in this style,’ said Mr Ashutosh, one of our guests at Bal Gram. While he is in his fifties, he and all the other elder guests seemed just as delighted as the children, as the participated in the half-day long celebration of childhood.

The children prepared stage performances including dance, songs, and skits, along with an exhibition of scientific experiments, drawings, and photographs. While they were excited about presenting their talents, our visitors from Mumbai, Pune, and neighbouring areas, were equally enthusiastic about visiting the residential facility in Lonavala. Our guests included renowned personalities from the field of sports, social work, journalism, and politics.