Homemaker to Self-Reliant Dynamo

05th Dec 2023

“Jyoti Varde’s Empowerment Odyssey with ISC Saksham: From Homemaker to Self-Reliant Dynamo”

In the heart of Phule Nagar(urban slum,Pune), a resilient woman named Jyoti Varde embarked on a transformative journey just a year ago with ISC Saksham—a groundbreaking empowerment program designed for women seeking self-reliance. Jyoti, married for 18 years and shouldering the responsibilities of her family and two children, transitioned from a simple homemaker to a beacon of empowerment within the span of a year.

ISC Saksham became the catalyst for Jyoti’s metamorphosis. Once reserved, even within her own team, Jyoti now engages in free-flowing conversations with ease. Hailing from a small village, her educational journey halted at grade 8, and life presented its share of challenges during the lockdown. Her husband’s job loss as a driver added to the family’s hardships, sparking Jyoti’s determination to contribute to their well-being.The turning point came when Jyoti crossed paths with Aarti Tai, an existing Saksham mentor, during a community mobilization meeting in her slum area. Here, she learned about Saksham’s holistic approach—providing counseling, training, mentoring, and handholding to empower women like her. Jyoti, fueled by the desire to acquire new skills, took the plunge and joined the Saksham center.

Enrolling in the basic and advanced tailoring courses under the USHA Silai program, Jyoti emerged as a quick learner. Progressing through the courses, her confidence soared, and her newfound skills became a source of empowerment. The transition from learning to earning marked a significant chapter in Jyoti’s life, and her labor bore the sweet fruits of self-reliance.

As Jyoti’s face radiates self-confidence, she embodies the true essence of being “Saksham”—capable of navigating challenges with resilience and grace. Her journey from a homemaker grappling with uncertainties to a self-reliant dynamo is a testament to the transformative power of empowerment programs like ISC Saksham.

Jyoti Varde’s story is an inspiration—a narrative of determination, skill acquisition, and triumph over adversity. Her empowered journey stands as a beacon for others, demonstrating that with the right opportunities, anyone can rewrite their future.

In celebrating Jyoti’s empowerment odyssey, we recognize the ripple effect of transformation—one woman’s journey echoing empowerment for many more.