The Light of Happiness – Bal Kaushal Melava

06th Apr 2022

The morning of 20th March was a special moment for the 140 plus children of Bal Kaushal Program at Pune. After a gap of two long years the children had come together and were laughing and enjoying the togetherness.

Every year ISC organises an annual sports day at ISC with the children and the well-wishers. The tradition had to take a pause because of the pandemic. But this time as the restrictions were lifted the building of ISC again started dancing along with its children.

The theme of this year was unique. Bal Kaushal program is taking a big leap towards imparting 21st Century Life Skills to children. To mark this change, we had special games and activities in the Melava. For ex. Completing Electric wiring to light a bulb was planned for the girls and making a round and fine Chapati was planned for the boys. One could see the light of happiness in the eyes of the girls after they could light the bulbs. Pustak jatra, Kaushal Theatre, know your Body session and Mindfulness paintings were some of the other activities planned. No group of the children wanted to miss on any games. The volunteers including one of our Balgram alumni were thrilled by seeing the joy on the faces of the children participating. This event in a way led a founding stone for the journey ahead for the Bal Kaushla Program.