Trauma To Triumph

04th Sep 2023

ISC Balgram’s Guddi (name changed), is a young soul who triumphed over her traumatic past and thrived in the nurturing embrace of Balgram. Her journey over the last eight months has been nothing short of remarkable, a tale of healing and burgeoning self-confidence.
But hold onto your hats, because her latest feat deserves a resounding cheer! She fearlessly entered the arena and emerged victorious in the 10km marathon held in Pune, organized by Care For You for all Child Care Institutes in and around Pune.
At ISC, we’re not just witnessing growth; we’re cultivating it. We’re here to help these deserving buds bloom and nurture survivors of maltreatment like Guddi(name changed). Our SSEEPF (Social- Spiritual Wellbeing- Emotional Wellbeing-Educational – Family Based Approach) is more than just a fancy acronym; it’s a comprehensive framework that leaves no stone unturned in a child’s holistic development.
Picture this: a family-based care system where caregivers are personally connected with the child, creating an environment where sharing and caring are as natural as in any other loving family. So, as we applaud Guddi’s incredible journey, remember that at ISC, we’re committed to fostering the potential of every child, one victory at a time.