Paving her way through Art – Supriya Khawle

19th Feb 2023

Supriya Khawle, 19 years old, appeared for Ms CIT. Her parents were on the verge of getting her married off early since she was constantly afraid of her surroundings and the setting where she lived. Money and house expenditures were also a problem. Supriya’s parents received regular updates from ISC’s mentor, who praised the girl’s characteristics. After receiving positive feedback about their daughter, they chose to put off her marriage.

Along with her Digital literacy course -MSCIT, she also learnt mehendi designs as her artistic skills were encouraged by the Saksham team. As a next step, to help Supriya to create her path towards sustainable livelihood, she was allowed to conduct an introductory mehandi course for girls residing in nearby communities. She also earned a stipend post-competition for the course. Now she is all set to start her own Mehandi Classes, and the preparation has already begun with printing her business cards and putting up banners to advertise her new business.

Supriya’s parents are encouraged to support their daughter as they witness her beautiful journey and wish her to succeed further. They said, “if you had not understood us, today we would have married our daughter, and we would not have seen her success today.”